Nico Minoru
Magical Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru: Runaways Can you tell I’ve really been enjoying Runaways on Hulu? I mean, I already loved the...

Bruce Hulk Protest
New Art Series – Fandom Resistance

Let’s face it. We’ve all been struggling to find effective ways to process what’s happening these days. When it...

Feeling Green – Fandom Amusement #3

And one more Fandom Amusement done! This time it’s the Science Bros – Tony is having a great time,...

TINY and Chrome! – Fandom Amusement #2

It’s complete! Here is the second piece in the Fandom Amusement series.

Ten and Martha – Fandom Amusement

The Doctor (10) treats Martha Jones to a tasty pineapple dessert at a popular tourist destination. The first in...


A loyal little Huffle!Badger, with a warm mug of hot cocoa. He’ll share, of course. Part of the house...

Mauraders Animagi forms with text
Mischief Managed

The Marauders in their animal forms. Watercolor and ink, 2015 – Harrison Webb © Fiendish Thingy Art