Chubby Muffin Dragon – the story that needs telling!

Chubby Muffin Dragon

Some of you are familiar with this little dragon I’ve drawn. Affectionately nicknamed “Chubby Muffin Dragon” due to the fact that this little dragon loves baked goods more than gold. But other than a vague idea and a few doodles, we don’t know much about Chubby Muffin Dragon. But we want to.

So first of all, zie needs a name. And then, zie needs a story. I’ve got some vague notions and an idea for a children’s book, but not much else yet. This idea is definitely in its infancy.

Napping Chubby Muffin Dragon


So what do you guys think? Is it time to give this dragon a name and a story? Would you like to see a book with Chubby Muffin Dragon? Anyone have any ideas on names?

One thought on “Chubby Muffin Dragon – the story that needs telling!

  1. Oh my goodness! If you write a children’s book I will buy a copy for my class! He’s so cute! Possible names: Streusel, Chocolate Chunk, Chip, Dunkin? Just brain storming. Lol

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