Let’s face it. We’ve all been struggling to find effective ways to process what’s happening these days. When it feels like there are massive changes happening daily, hell, even hourly, it can be hard to stay afloat. This new series of art has become my life preserver.

It all started when my husband asked, in a group text with friends, if we were all just going to spend this year constantly angry. One of our friends responded with “Yes. This year we are all Bruce Banner.” And that’s when the art ideas started.

Bruce Hulk Protest

I started with one, and suddenly there were 9 done, and a list of over a dozen more ideas.

Resistance Art

I’m still creating, so I’ll keep posting as each one is done. We also have plans to make these into small batches of buttons to sell, with a large percentage of the proceeds going to the ACLU. More details once we finalize production plans.

Call representatives if you can. March if you can. Speak out if you can. Donate if you can. The important thing is to do something, whatever you can safely and reasonably manage, no matter how small. However you need to process and participate, do what you can. Resistance through creating is something that works for me.  Art is meant to provoke, and has been a form of resistance throughout history.

I hope that these pieces help to inspire you, as well as reminding us that for many of us, our fandoms are an integral part of how we process and interact with the world around us.